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Valve Condition Monitoring is known to reduce risks, and maximise efficiency and reliability in all processes where it is deployed. It is increasingly being seen as the only safe way of managing valve populations.

To ensure the on-going safety integrity, environmental protection and efficiency of your process is correctly maintained at all times, it is of critical importance that you know the condition of your process valves.

Put more simply, you need to know if your valves are leaking or not and if they are leaking, how bad is the leak? Additionally, on more critical valves you need to know if there is another “failure mode” developing in your valves or operators that will expose you to risks to people, process or plant (for example, in the event a valve fails to complete its design function such as closing or opening on demand).

Score Diagnostics Limited is a leader in valve leak detection and valve condition and performance monitoring. Using acoustic emission (AE) technology as one of its primary tools, it has revolutionised leak detection, making it quicker and easier than ever before. Acoustic emissions (AE) leak detection is about finding and quantifying valve leakages by examining the very high frequency noise a leaking fluid generates.

The MIDAS® Valve Diagnostics Range of products is exclusive to Score Group Limited, and currently includes the MIDAS Meter®, MIDAS® Sensor and V-MAP® G3. Please click on any of the buttons above to find out more about each specific product.”

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