MIDAS Meter® Promotional Documents in Spanish

Our Partners ETM have been busy applying for (and gaining) formal approvals for our MIDAS® Range of products – including MIDAS Meter® – with several major operating companies in their region.

As part of the technical product approval process, they have reproduced some of our product promotional documents in Spanish language. The development of these new materials should also help us with future promotions in Spanish speaking markets around the globe moving forward.

If you would like to receive a copy of our promotional materials in Spanish, you can request these from our website, using the enquiry form at :-

https://midasvalvediagnostics.com/contact/contact.phpSpanish Doc - Grouped

MIDAS Meter® Debuts in Poland & India

Following enquiries received for MIDAS Meter® in both the Polish and Indian Markets, we recently completed a series of in-country presentations and demonstrations.

These sessions received excellent feedback and interest levels as a result of the positive survey work completed, which we carried out alongside a couple of potential new partner companies.

We are continuing in our discussions with two locally based companies, with a view to potentially developing future relationships to enhance our local presence / accessibility to our products and services in each of these locations.

Further details shall be released in due course.Grouped Image

New Global Partner – BAREP Clemessey Services

We have extended our global Partnering program reach by teaming up with BAREP Clemessey Services, to better support our existing and potential new customers in France.

They have already been out on their customer’s sites surveying with their first MIDAS Meter® and have been receiving excellent feedback from their customers.

This is a service which they intend to invest in growing significantly throughout 2020 and beyond. We wish them every success in their pursuits.

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Valve Testing : Acoustic Emissions (AE) Method, Versus Pressure Build-Up (PBU)

Following extensive enquiries from many potential new customers worldwide on how non-invasive Acoustic Emissions (AE) testing of valves with MIDAS Meter® compares with the traditional invasive Pressure Build-Up (PBU) in terms of reliability and accuracy, we created a presentation which has already been rolled out to some key personnel.

It is our intention to roll this out among our Score remote locations and Partner companies in the first half of 2020, to ensure everyone understands the major beneficial impact that moving to this type of testing can deliver for our worldwide customer base.  We have been working closely with several major oil and gas operating companies to develop this approach and will be releasing more news on this subject in future newsletters.

A short video case study has also been released on this subject, which can be viewed on our website, our LinkedIn showcase page or our You Tube Channel, by following the links below :-




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The Fundamentals of Oil & Gas

Education and personal growth is one of our priorities in Score Diagnostics and we strongly believe that investment in training and development is essential for all.

We recognise that investing in our people provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver continuous improvement in our operations and to strengthen our customer service provision.

This was reflected recently with some in-house team member training at our Peterhead Headquarters. In this session, our Technical Director Mike shared with us his in-depth knowledge of Oil and Gas processes.

For this training, we brought together a diverse audience from many different job roles – most of whom are at different stages of their careers within Score Diagnostics Limited – to help them develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of offshore oil and gas operations and production.

The one-day training course was enjoyed by all delegates and the very positive feedback from all attending delegates certainly reflected that.

Intro to Oil & Gas Processes Training - Mike Billington

Score Diagnostics Immersion Programme

Investing time in extending the knowledge and experience of our globally located team members is so important for us. We had the pleasure of extending this knowledge to 3 of our remote team members from our Middle East and Far East operating companies when they attended a Score Diagnostics Immersion Programme training event in Peterhead.

Almost everyone in Diagnostics participated in ensuring these team members were given the best possible experience and enjoyed their time with us in Scotland. This extensive knowledge share has been put to great use as the delegates have in turn engaged with their customers locally, since returning to their “home” Group companies / locations.

MIDAS Valve Diagnostics Immersion Programme Completion

MIDAS Meter® Certified Training – Across the Globe

Our MIDAS Meter® certified training courses normally require our instructors to travel all over the world to train our customers at their own operating sites. A great deal of preparation and planning goes into all of these trips, but as with anything in life, unforeseen challenges can sometimes emerge and cause last minute changes to schedules. A key quality in our training instructors is therefore the ability to adapt to changes when they do happen and to remain calm and professional when doing so.

An excellent example of this was highlighted by our trainer Stewart on a recent customer training visit in the Middle East. Not only did he overcome the significant travel challenges, he still managed to deliver three highly successful training courses, leaving behind another happy customer and a team of newly energised maintenance engineers that are eager to put their new valve monitoring and leak detection skills to use with their MIDAS Meter®.

“Well done Stewart, we are proud of you – keep up the good work!”




Score Diagnostics & Score (Europe) Ltd Exhibit On-Site at Major Oil & Gas Refinery

Score Diagnostics Limited paired up with our sister company Score (Europe) Limited for an engineering and technology desktop exhibition on-site at a major oil & gas refinery. This was a fantastic opportunity which allowed us to present all the latest innovative technologies, products and services on offer from the Score Group of companies.

Throughout the day we had a steady stream of visitors keen to find out what we had to offer them to support the most efficient and effective process operations. We provided many live product demonstrations of the MIDAS Meter®, which received great feedback from all visitors to our stand. The demonstration kit on show gave everyone a chance to see valve condition monitoring methods, results and benefits for themselves, since many visitors took the opportunity to have a hands-on experience of using the MIDAS Meter®. This highlighted clearly for them just how quick and easy it is to non-invasively detect, quantify and trend a valve leak using this device, which delivers both operational and strategic advantages for process operations optimisation.

Score (Europe) Limited took the opportunity to highlight their broad offerings under the broad Intelligent Valve Management™ banner, including on-site services provision, such as valve engineering and design consultancy, testing, troubleshooting, repairs, shutdown management, bolt torque and tensioning, on-site machining and our unique Valve Response Unit (VRU) services. This was also very well received by the stand visitors, many of whom did not fully appreciate the breadth of valve management / support services that the Score Group can offer.

We are currently following up on all requests made for further product information and site demonstrations and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our stand and for the hospitality and support extended to us by the event organisers throughout the day.

If you did not get the chance to speak with us at the event but would like to find out more information on our product range; contact us directly today, via e-mail: midas.enquiries@score-group.com or through our contact web forms on our website: midasvalvediagnostics.com

Valve Condition Monitoring

Score Diagnostics Limited Presents MIDAS® Valve Diagnostics Products and Services at Score A/S Open Day


On Thursday 11th January 2018, Score Diagnostics Limited paired up with our sister company Score A/S in Stavanger, who opened their doors to showcase working demonstrations of all the latest innovative technologies, products and services from Score Group plc companies.

Visitors to the Score A/S facility were warmly welcomed and given a grand tour of the premises. Over the course of the day various presentations & live demonstrations were given, showing an insight to the range of innovative technologies, products and services offered by the Score Group. These included; MIDAS® range of valve diagnostic products and services, DOVE™ Sealant Injection Fitting, Valve Testing, Engineering, Strategies, Maintenance and Control Valve Diagnostics capabilities & services, along with an overview of Score’s Supply Chain Management.

Score Diagnostics’ presentations and demonstrations, which were focused on the MIDAS® range of valve diagnostic products and services, were very well received. Visitors showed a keen interest in how these valve condition and performance monitoring products – which play a key role in Score Group’s Intelligent Valve Management™ Strategies – can reduce operators’ exposure to risk and deliver maximised safety and operating efficiency on process plants.

The live product demonstrations of the Midas Meter®, Midas® Sensor and V-MAP® received great feedback from our visitors and gave them a chance to see the valve condition monitoring results and benefits for themselves.  Many visitors were also able to have a hands-on experience of the MIDAS Meter®, highlighting for them just how quick and easy it is to detect, quantify and trend a valve leak using this device.

Following on from the customers’ open day, Score Diagnostics personnel also carried out an enhanced products and benefits familiarisation and training session with an assembled team of Score AS personnel. This session also received very positive feedback from those that attended.

Overall, our time in Norway was a very productive and positive experience and it was a pleasure to meet customers old and new alike. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our presentations and product demonstrations and for the hospitality and support extended to us by the Score A/S Team.

If you were unable to attend the Score A/S open day and would like further information on the MIDAS® range of valve condition and performance monitoring products, please contact us at Midas.Enquiries@Score-Group.com.