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V-MAP® Expansion Commissioned on North Sea Oil Production Platform

Score Diagnostics Limited recently successfully commissioned the expansion of one of our North Sea Offshore Platform Installations of V-MAP®, which added new valves from an existing platform and a newly constructed platform.

This brings the total number of valves monitored within this installation to 132. The feedback from our customer on this project has been excellent and they are looking forward to the enhanced Valve Insights™ that our system will provide them moving forward.VMAP Expansion - Grouped

A Rather “Chilled” MIDAS Meter® Certified Training Course

One of our most remote existing customers invited us to train a team of six new survey technicians on our MIDAS Meter® Certified Training Course at their site in Central Asia.

The three day training course included on-site supervised surveying in temperatures down to -12 Degrees Centigrade, but as you can see from the photo, the low temperatures on site did nothing to dampen the delegates’ enthusiasm, as they rated the equipment and the training 100% “Excellent”.Chilled MM Training - Grouped

MIDAS Meter® Debuts in Poland & India

Following enquiries received for MIDAS Meter® in both the Polish and Indian Markets, we recently completed a series of in-country presentations and demonstrations.

These sessions received excellent feedback and interest levels as a result of the positive survey work completed, which we carried out alongside a couple of potential new partner companies.

We are continuing in our discussions with two locally based companies, with a view to potentially developing future relationships to enhance our local presence / accessibility to our products and services in each of these locations.

Further details shall be released in due course.Grouped Image

New Global Partner – BAREP Clemessey Services

We have extended our global Partnering program reach by teaming up with BAREP Clemessey Services, to better support our existing and potential new customers in France.

They have already been out on their customer’s sites surveying with their first MIDAS Meter® and have been receiving excellent feedback from their customers.

This is a service which they intend to invest in growing significantly throughout 2020 and beyond. We wish them every success in their pursuits.

Grouped Image

Valve Testing : Acoustic Emissions (AE) Method, Versus Pressure Build-Up (PBU)

Following extensive enquiries from many potential new customers worldwide on how non-invasive Acoustic Emissions (AE) testing of valves with MIDAS Meter® compares with the traditional invasive Pressure Build-Up (PBU) in terms of reliability and accuracy, we created a presentation which has already been rolled out to some key personnel.

It is our intention to roll this out among our Score remote locations and Partner companies in the first half of 2020, to ensure everyone understands the major beneficial impact that moving to this type of testing can deliver for our worldwide customer base.  We have been working closely with several major oil and gas operating companies to develop this approach and will be releasing more news on this subject in future newsletters.

A short video case study has also been released on this subject, which can be viewed on our website, our LinkedIn showcase page or our You Tube Channel, by following the links below :-




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Score Diagnostics Immersion Programme

Investing time in extending the knowledge and experience of our globally located team members is so important for us. We had the pleasure of extending this knowledge to 3 of our remote team members from our Middle East and Far East operating companies when they attended a Score Diagnostics Immersion Programme training event in Peterhead.

Almost everyone in Diagnostics participated in ensuring these team members were given the best possible experience and enjoyed their time with us in Scotland. This extensive knowledge share has been put to great use as the delegates have in turn engaged with their customers locally, since returning to their “home” Group companies / locations.

MIDAS Valve Diagnostics Immersion Programme Completion

MIDAS Meter® Certified Training – Across the Globe

Our MIDAS Meter® certified training courses normally require our instructors to travel all over the world to train our customers at their own operating sites. A great deal of preparation and planning goes into all of these trips, but as with anything in life, unforeseen challenges can sometimes emerge and cause last minute changes to schedules. A key quality in our training instructors is therefore the ability to adapt to changes when they do happen and to remain calm and professional when doing so.

An excellent example of this was highlighted by our trainer Stewart on a recent customer training visit in the Middle East. Not only did he overcome the significant travel challenges, he still managed to deliver three highly successful training courses, leaving behind another happy customer and a team of newly energised maintenance engineers that are eager to put their new valve monitoring and leak detection skills to use with their MIDAS Meter®.

“Well done Stewart, we are proud of you – keep up the good work!”