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Valve Testing : Acoustic Emissions (AE) Method, Versus Pressure Build-Up (PBU)

Following extensive enquiries from many potential new customers worldwide on how non-invasive Acoustic Emissions (AE) testing of valves with MIDAS Meter® compares with the traditional invasive Pressure Build-Up (PBU) in terms of reliability and accuracy, we created a presentation which has already been rolled out to some key personnel.

It is our intention to roll this out among our Score remote locations and Partner companies in the first half of 2020, to ensure everyone understands the major beneficial impact that moving to this type of testing can deliver for our worldwide customer base.  We have been working closely with several major oil and gas operating companies to develop this approach and will be releasing more news on this subject in future newsletters.

A short video case study has also been released on this subject, which can be viewed on our website, our LinkedIn showcase page or our You Tube Channel, by following the links below :-




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